About Us

Prevent Plans is the leading administrator of preventive healthcare plans for the dental and veterinary industries throughout the United States. Prevent Plans has developed a great reputation with both providers and clients, and strives to continually improve our products and services.


Our Mission

At Prevent Plans our mission is to change healthcare. To give providers the tools they need to help people, Pets and horses live longer, healthier lives with their families. The strength of our company lies with providers, people, Pets and the horses we help. We strive to improve the lives of people, Pets and horses, by making preventive healthcare affordable and accessible to all.

Our Brands


Well Pet Health Plans, the leading veterinary preventive plan administrator in the United States. We help providers by offering phenomenal plans, coupled with a seamless system for their practices, clients, Pets and horses. A system based on ease of use and management for providers, with plans designed to provide the best offering in preventive healthcare for Pets and horses.


Prevent Dental Plans, the leading dental preventive plan in the United States. Our plans were designed by dentists for dentists, and create the perfect balance for both the provider and the patients.

Our dental system, like our veterinary is fully web based, and offers extreme ease of use, with full service capability.

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Prevent Plans was founded by veterinarians and dentists with the purpose of making high quality preventive healthcare available to everyone. Prevent Plans is the first company of its kind, outside of group practice, to offer preventive health care plans through your local veterinarian or dentist.