Preventive Wellness Plans

Prevent Plans are designed to be an easy, convenient and affordable way to get the Preventive Care you and your loved ones need. Our services are completely focused on preventive care – a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. By focusing on prevention, our plans help your provider offer more consistent and regular care, leading to earlier diagnosis and better prognosis.

Available Plans

Wellpet Plans Dental Plans

Prevent Plans Provide Value

  • Plans include Multiple Office Visits, Exams and Other Services
  • Discounts of up to 50% on In-Plan Services and up to 20% on Out-Of-Plan Services
  • Our plans allow you to choose your provider, receive the best preventive care available, and all on low cost, no interest monthly payments!
  • This is Not an Insurance plan. There are No Co-Pays, No Deductibles, No Exclusions and No Annual Maximum Benefit

Prevent Plan Offerings

Veterinary Well Pet Plans

A Prevent Plan is a discounted, pre-paid block of preventive healthcare services for you, your dog, cat or even your horse. Our plans are designed wholly for preventive health care as this is a heavily disregarded part of care for people, Pets and horses. Together with a healthy diet, preventive healthcare is the most important thing you can provide yourselves, your Pet or horse throughout your lives. No, this is not an insurance plan, it’s so much better than that. Our plans are a quality, membership plan that allows the focus to stay on preventive care. Most insurance only provide coverage for unforeseen illnesses or injuries. Our plans not only include the preventive services, but provide a discount on other healthcare services, which may include: surgical services and prescription medications. Read more…

Dental Plans

Our Prevent Dental Plans are a convenient and affordable treatment plan of preventive dental services. The plans are paid for on a monthly basis, at no interest, or you can even choose to pay them all at one time if you wish. Unlike insurance, we have no co-pays or deductibles, so your low monthly fee is all you pay for the preventive services in your plan. Beyond the preventive services in your plan, you will also receive up to a 20% discount off of dental services and supplies not included in your plan, with no annual cap. Read more…

Producing measurable results for you!

  • Live Longer, Healthier!With the right preventive healthcare, you and your pets will benefit with a longer, healthier life.
  • Save Real Money!On average, clients on a plan will save hundreds of dollars every year in healthcare expenses.
  • We're here for You!Our business is designed to help clients and providers make healthcare work. You talk, we listen!
Our goal: To help provide the best Preventive Care, at an affordable price