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In this article we are going to explain “why” you need to have optimal preventive healthcare for your Pets, and we’re also going to go over what is recommended for your Pets and horses.

Like an automobile, your body, your Pets and your horses bodies need solid preventive care to maintain health and longevity. Think about it, would you expect to get very far in your car, or for it to last you very long if you didn’t follow your regular maintenance schedule? Of course not, and likely you wouldn’t take the chance. However, when it comes to our Pets and horses health, and our own for that matter, most simply don’t follow the same routine maintenance schedule for preventive healthcare.

Veterinarians know very well the benefits of solid preventive care with their patients, and there is plenty of research that supports it. However, client education regarding prevention hasn’t always been at the forefront in the veterinary community. It is imperative that clients are educated about preventive healthcare for your Pets and horses.

We’ll quickly address the top 5 reasons most people don’t get their Pets and horses the preventive healthcare they need?

  1. Some Pet owners tend to believe that their Pets may not need to be seen regularly by their veterinarians because they are primarily an indoor Pet, is this true or false? This is false, and here is why. Yes, a Pet may be safer in your home from the risks of auto fatalities, and making contact with stray Pets, but there are many things in your home that they are subjected to, as an indoor Pet. An indoor Pet may be safer from the elements outside, but think about all the chemicals in carpet, in your couch and chairs upholstery, in the cleaning chemicals you use. Evidence supports that an indoor Pet has higher risks of cancer than an outdoor Pet. Your Pets actually need to be seen MORE often than less.

  2. My Pets don’t really need vaccines if they are indoors, do they? Yes, your Pets should be vaccinated to protect them from the diseases that they can come into contact with, and things that you can carry home with you. As with people, vaccines are designed to help prevent disease by creating an immune response derived from antibodies created from the vaccine being introduced. It is always the best position to be proactive, and protect your Pet.

  3. My Pet is an adult, or a senior Pet, and he/she is doing just fine, why do I need preventive care now? Your Pet needs solid preventive care as much or more as an adult, or senior as it did when it was young. As with people, things can change quickly, and Pets age many years to one of ours, so it is essential that they are well cared for. By having your Pets preventive care in line, often times your veterinarian will be able to catch problems early on. By finding problems early on, your veterinarian can often time offer a much better prognosis for your Pet.

  4. The costs are just too high for me to provide the solid preventive care my veterinarian recommends for me Pet. For many years this may have been the case, but now, with WellPet Plans you have the best preventive care, at an affordable rate. It’s not insurance, so no co-pays or deductibles, just a low rate, paid monthly.

  5. Why should I get a preventive plan versus a Pet insurance policy, isn’t it the same? No, a Pet insurance policy is greatly different from a WellPet Plan. With insurance you often have co-pays, and deductibles you have to meet before you ever see any reimbursement from your carrier. Yes, I said reimbursement, because with an insurance plan you pay for your services up front, and submit all the paperwork (and there may be a lot of it) to your carrier. It doesn’t end there either. With an insurance plan they don’t just pay you a set amount, they pay you off of their fee schedule, not your veterinarians. For instance, most insurance companies’ fee schedule is less than what you’ll pay your veterinarian, so they will reimburse you on their lower scale, not what you actually paid. With a WellPet Plan it’s simple, and easy. There are no co-pays or deductible, you get what’s in your plan, and you pay a low monthly fee for those services over a year. Not only that, you’ll also get, depending on your plan, a very substantial discount off of services outside your plan.

For horses, as for Pets they all have preventive care needs to keep them in optimal health. Although there are recommendations for what you should do, here are the guidelines that we follow. Please realize that although these are our recommendations, every Pet or horse is different, and yours may require a different level of care. Your veterinarian will be the one to help you decide what plan is optimal for your Pet or horse.

  • Adult Dogs
  • Adult Cats
  • Puppies
  • Kittens
  • Horses

Your Pets and horses give you their love and companionship. We all want to do what we can to keep them with us as long as possible. In providing the optimal preventive healthcare that they need, through your veterinarian, you are.

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