What is a Prevent Plan (Well Pet Health Plan or Prevent Dental Plans) and is it insurance?

A Prevent Plan is a discounted, pre-paid block of preventive healthcare services for you, your dog, cat or even your horse. Our plans are designed wholly for preventive health care as this is a heavily disregarded part of care for people, Pets and horses. Together with a healthy diet, preventive healthcare is the most important thing you can provide yourselves, your Pet or horse throughout your lives. No, this is not an insurance plan, it’s so much better than that. Our plans are a quality, membership plan that allows the focus to stay on preventive care. Most insurance only provide coverage for unforeseen illnesses or injuries. Our plans not only include the preventive services, but provide a discount on other healthcare services, which may include: surgical services and prescription medications.

Why do I or my Pet need to be on a plan?

It has been proven over and over that solid preventive health care can, and does extend the lives of you, your Pets and horses. For instance we know that we are supposed to follow our manufacturer’s recommendations with our vehicles, changing our oil, and following regular maintenance schedules. However, we don’t typically take care of ourselves, our Pets or horses in the same way we make sure to take care of our automobiles. As Pets age 7-10 years for every one year of ours, providing a regular health care plan for them, as for you, is essential. Estimates say that more than 80% of Pets in the U.S. are not receiving the recommended level of veterinary care, nor are the U.S horse population. Being on a plan helps by providing an optimal level of care for you, your Pet and your horses.

Can I use my Plan at any practice?

At the time you enroll, you choose the location and the doctor that are best suited for you. All plan services are provided only at the location that you choose, however, the discount provided with your plan is available at any practice that offers Prevent Plans.

Is my Plan transferable if I move?

Simply locate the nearest practice that offers Prevent Plans and they can have your records transferred. You may also contact our home office to help locate a new Prevent Plans hospital. Because of the nature of our plans, a new 12-month plan will be started at the new location. It is important to remember; the Prevent Plan must be cancelled at the previous hospital and a new plan started at the next hospital. For further information, see your Preventive Health Care Agreement.

Is it possible to cancel my Prevent Plans Membership?

All of our plans are annual agreements, which allow for you to pay for your services, interest free over a 12-month period. Of course you may cancel your plan any time before the yearly renewal date by either paying the retail value of your plan services used, or the remainder of your plans value, whichever is less.

Please read your Preventive Health Care Agreement for complete terms and conditions of membership

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Prevent Plans was founded by veterinarians and dentists with the purpose of making high quality preventive healthcare available to everyone. Prevent Plans is the first company of its kind, outside of group practice, to offer preventive health care plans through your local veterinarian or dentist.