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We are excited in your interest to become a Prevent Plans provider! Our company currently has Veterinary and Dental provider opportunities available throughout the United States. The provider Dentists and Veterinarians we work with are those who believe in Preventive Healthcare as the standard of care, and that through prevention true wellness can be attained. Please click on the links below for more information, and fill out the contact form on the “Provider Contact” link below. We will contact you to schedule an appointment for a presentation, to show you how Prevent Plans can help you reach your personal and practice goals.

Provider Basics

At Prevent Plans, our providers are our partners! Although our provider doctors are independent doctors in their field of practice, we work together to provide the best Preventive Healthcare to their patients. As a provider, you spend the majority of your day offering treatment plans either personally or with your staff, then providing the care. Our plans are offered to your patients, in your practice, in a collaborative effort with you and your staff. With our proven method, not only will you be able to sign up large numbers of your non-insured patient base, but your patients will happily sign up and stay on for many years to come. Not only that, but our plans are something that you and your staff can believe in, and feel good about day after day.

Provider Benefits

At Prevent Plans, our goal is to help you provide the best possible care to your non-insured patient base. Our variety of plans give you the tools you need to provide solid preventive care to your patients at a fee that provides you with a solid profit for years to come. Studies show that patients typically work with multiple providers, and have little loyalty. Through us, your patients are under agreement with your practice, reducing client loss and creating loyalty. Typically, a person on a plan spends 2-3 times more annually on care in your practice, than someone not on a plan. Over 80% of clients who sign up on plans will stay on a plan, for an average of eight years.

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Prevent Plans was founded by veterinarians and dentists with the purpose of making high quality preventive healthcare available to everyone. Prevent Plans is the first company of its kind, outside of group practice, to offer preventive health care plans through your local veterinarian or dentist.